How Much to Charge for Feet Videos [$20-$250 per Video!]

how much to charge for feet videos

If you’ve been dabbling in the world of selling feet pics online, you may have stumbled upon another opportunity to cash in on the trend – selling feet videos. I’ve gone over how much to charge for feet pictures, but now it’s time to dive into how much to charge for feet videos.

Not all foot content is the same. You’ll be happy to know that feet videos are considered to be more valuable than feet photos, which means you can charge more for them! 

Just imagine how much work, editing, and time goes into creating a bombshell foot video for your feet lover clients. You get to show your feet from every aspect, or as much as you wish to show them. They can stare at your pretty feet for minutes at a time, being entertained by your camera movements. 

So, with all of the effort that goes into creating feet videos, I’m answering the million-dollar (or hundred-dollar?) question, how much to charge for feet videos? 

how much to charge for feet videos
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How Much Can You Actually Earn Selling Feet Pics and Videos?

While selling feet pics can indeed earn you some extra cash, introducing feet videos to your portfolio can boost your income even further. Before diving into the details of how much to charge for feet videos, I want to share just how much you can earn by selling feet content.

You could easily make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month depending on factors such as the quality of your content, your pricing strategy, and the platform you choose to sell on.

Selling feet pics online is an easy and legal way to earn some extra money at home. Whether your rent just increased for the second year in a row or you want to treat yourself to a luxury vacation, selling feet pictures and videos is a way to supplement your income and pay for the things you need – and want! 

how much to charge for feet videos
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How Much Should I Charge for Feet Videos?

Pricing your feet videos isn’t as tricky as you might think. 

There are even some guidelines that you can base your price on. This is a good way to justify how to price your feet videos and why you chose that price. 

Production Quality

The quality of your videos will significantly impact your pricing. Higher quality means you can charge more. 

I’m not saying that you should go out and buy a $800 camera from Nikon or Canon. Your iPhone will work just fine! Remember, it’s all about the lighting and camera settings. 

I recommend putting your video settings at either 1080p HD at 30 fps for standard quality or 4K at 30 fps for excellent quality. 

If the video is grainy, dark, and makes it hard to see your pretty toes, then it’s difficult to explain why you’re charging $50 for it. 

Type of Content

The nature of your videos also plays a role. Are you merely walking barefoot on the beach, or are you creating elaborate set-ups with props, foot jewelry, and costumes? The more unique your content, the higher the price.

If you’re taking custom orders and are requested to film yourself doing something a bit out of the ordinary, you can absolutely charge much more for it. Remember, many women shoot a bunch of content and keep it in their backlog to add to albums on feet pic-selling platforms or their social media. 

Effort and Time

Never underestimate the value of your time and effort. The longer you spend producing a video, the more you should charge for it.

This includes getting the props you need, preparing the set, fixing the lighting, actually filming, and then editing the colors and montage if necessary. 

It’s important that you know your worth when it comes to how much to charge for feet videos. 

Video Length

The length of your video also contributes to how much to charge for feet videos. A video that is five minutes longer would be priced less than one that is eight minutes long.

I’m going to dive deeper into how to calculate the price based on the minute later on in this blog post.

Custom Order

Custom videos often fetch a higher price since they’re personalized to the buyer’s tastes. They can be a great way to boost your earnings!

In your profile bio, make sure to let your clients know that you are open for making custom feet videos. Of course, they will be expected to pay a higher price than the videos you have created for your general clients and subscribers. 

how much to charge for feet videos
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How to Price Your Feet Videos

Finally, we’ve come to the part of the blog you’ve been waiting for! I’m going to finally tell you how much to charge for feet videos. 

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you may wish. 

Just like with selling feet pictures, the price is ultimately up to how much you value your content. 

However, a good rule of thumb is that a three-minute video can sell for anywhere from $20 to $250, depending, of course, on the production quality, content, and the time and effort put into creating it. Any minute after that, you can charge an extra $10. 

What if your video is shorter than three minutes? Believe it or not, three minutes can feel like an eternity when filming your feet. 

If your video is a minute or less, I would recommend selling it for $10 to $15 if it is for your general clients. 

Now, what if you are selling feet pictures without showing your face? Can you still charge as much for your feet videos? Sure! 

Of course, if you do choose to show other parts of your beautiful body, then that gives you an opportunity to charge a bit more. Remember, it’s all about the type of content you share!

When selling feet videos online, you may get some rude potential customers demanding that you lower the price because it’s too high. This is exactly where I want you to know your worth! 

You’re not begging a stranger on the internet to buy your content and enjoy your beautiful toes. They come to you. 

If your content is out of someone’s budget, that is not your fault. You know exactly how much time and work that content took to create, and you want to be compensated fairly for it. 

Just remember not to be too greedy. Setting astronomical prices for your feet videos could mean you only sell one or two. Be reasonable but also know your worth – I know it’s a hard line to walk. But if you follow my advice, I’m sure you can earn a couple extra hundred dollars a week. 

how much to charge for feet videos
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Where to Sell Your Feet Videos

Your earnings also depend on where you sell your feet videos. One platform that’s gaining massive popularity among feet content creators is FeetFinder

The site is secure, easy to use, and boasts a large community of buyers. If you play your cards right, you could potentially earn thousands of dollars per month on FeetFinder alone!

In 2021, there were a whopping 50,000 buyers using FeetFinder to purchase feet content. Some sellers even earned $90,000 in a year! 

Of course, there are other platforms and websites where you can sell feet pictures, but I find that the most successful, safest, and easy-to-use one is FeetFinder. 

What are the Fees for Selling Feet Videos on FeetFinder?

Since FeetFinder puts your content in front of thousands of interested buyers, they take a percentage of your sales. However, the low commission rate is just 20%, which is extremely competitive compared to other marketplace sites.

When you create your FeetFinder profile, you will also subscribe to a membership ranging from $14.99 to $34.99 for the year. This allows you access to the platform and to become a seller.

When you learn how much to charge for feet videos, though, you’ll earn this membership fee back in no time! Plus FeetFinder pays sellers directly once they earn $30 in sales.

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Can You Make More Money with Feet Pictures or Feet Videos?

While both feet pictures and feet videos can make you money, videos often command higher prices due to the additional effort and production value. Therefore, if you’re comfortable with creating videos, it could prove to be a more profitable avenue.

Remember, taking custom feet video orders can also increase your income drastically! 

how much to charge for feet videos
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Step into Financial Freedom and Start Selling Feet Content

With a bit of creativity and a pair of well-polished feet, you could be stepping into a world of financial freedom. By selling feet videos, you’re not just cashing in on a trendy hustle – you’re also embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and discovering an unconventional way to make money online.

Now that you know how much to charge for feet videos, you’re ready to go earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars more each month by doing something fun, creative, and lucrative. 

Still curious about how to get started selling feet pics online? Then download my free guide The Feet Pic Bible today! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Take out your camera, put on your favorite nail polish, and start filming your way to financial success!