How to Sell Feet Pics Online Without Showing Your Face in 2023

how to sell feet pics

You’ve probably scrolled through the For You page on TikTok and come across girls mentioning how to sell feet pics for some extra income. Honestly, in these times of inflated prices, every girl out there is looking for a way to make some easy extra money online. 

It’s literally never been easier to sell feet pics online. With safe and secure platforms and the option to stay anonymous and not show your face, you can make thousands of dollars a month. Maintain your privacy and identity without risking your career or reputation. 

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to sell feet pics online without showing your face. I have just the answers you’re searching for! 

I started selling my feet pics at the beginning of the year and was shocked by just how easy and fun it is. It was unbelievable; I was finally able to buy the designer bag I always dreamed about after just two weeks of selling my feet pictures. 

This revelation couldn’t stay a secret. 

I had to share my findings and tips with other girls to help them earn more money every month with just their phones and photos and videos of their pretty feet

By the end of this blog post, you’ll know exactly how to sell feet pics online without showing your face safely and securely in 2022.

how to sell feet pics

Why You Should Start Selling Feet Pics

You may still be on the fence about selling your feet pics to strangers online. There is a taboo around those who enjoy looking at pictures and videos of feet. 

But is it any less different from the girls who sell content on the widely accepted and admired OnlyFans? 

Some may say it’s a bit more PG13 to sell your feet pics online. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling pictures of your feet. In fact, you will likely feel a confidence boost every time you make a sale knowing that someone appreciates your feet and the content you’ve produced. 

Not only is selling feet pictures a fun side hustle you can start from literally anywhere, but you can make a lot of money for doing very little. 

How to Sell Feet Pictures Anonymously

One of the greatest advantages of selling your foot pics is the option to stay anonymous. You can protect your true identity and only post photos of your feet. 

When you do grow your following, you may give teases as to your hair color or the rest of your body. This is only if you feel comfortable doing so! 

Even without showing your face, you can find fun, sexy poses for your content that will make your clients go wild. 

While some girls may not care if people know they sell their feet pictures, others want a sense of security and anonymity. Whether it’s to protect their day jobs or not want to deal with a conversation with family members about it, there are so many opportunities to stay anonymous in this line of business.

After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to sell feet pics without anyone knowing.

Create a New Email Address

The very first thing you must do to hide your identity and keep your foot pic selling business a secret is to create a new email address. 

You will use this email to create new social media profiles and sign up for secure selling platforms. This way, your profiles won’t show up as “suggested” to your friends and family members on Twitter or Instagram. 

My favorite email service is Gmail. It’s super easy to set up and can connect to different accounts such as YouTube. 

Who Buys Feet Pictures?

You would be surprised at just who buys feet pictures. They are normal people who simply like to indulge in something they like and admire. 

It isn’t all about pleasure and adoration when it comes to selling feet pictures, though. 

There are some artists, medical journals, and stock photo sites that search for a foot model to purchase pictures from. 

The more experience you have selling your pictures, the more you’ll see there are plenty of buyers out there looking for what you’ve got. 

Is It Legal to Sell Feet Pics?

It is absolutely 100% legal to sell feet pictures online. 

There is nothing wrong with selling these photos. There is nothing to be ashamed of either! 

The only way it is illegal to sell foot pics is if you are under the legal age of 18. Then you and your clients can get into some serious legal trouble. 

Do I Have to Pay Taxes When Selling Feet Pictures?

Unfortunately, you do have to pay taxes on the money you earn from your pictures. Since this is technically income you have made by selling a product, you must report your earnings to the tax man. 

Luckily, this means you get to write off expenses related to your feet pic business! 

Reduce the amount of taxed income by writing off expenses such as 

  • Pedicures
  • Nail Polish
  • Foot Creams
  • Cameras
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Promotional Fees
  • Service Fees
  • Shoes Specifically for Photos
  • Anklets and Toe Rings Specifically for Photos

If you decide to take custom orders (we’ll get into that a bit later) anything you buy to create the content is a write-off. 

how to sell feet pics

How Much Can I Charge for My Feet Pictures?

The million-dollar question is how much to charge for feet pictures

As a beginner, finding the right price for your feet pics can be challenging. There isn’t a lot of information with suggestions out there – luckily you found me and my guides!

For simple photos that didn’t take much effort, especially natural feet without nail polish, a good starting point is $5 per photo or album. 

You can increase your prices to $15 per photo or album if you end up spending more time on them. Whether you set up a scene with props, went to get a pedicure, or edited the photos, this is reason enough to raise the price. 

Or maybe you show a little more than just your feet. That calls for a price increase as well! Flaunt that bubble butt you’ve been working so hard to grow and charge $20 or $25 for a photo! 

You can charge even more for videos. 

Finding the right price may take some time depending on the kind of content you decide to post. Don’t be afraid to play around with it to see which price gets you the most sales. 

The more followers and experience you have, the more you can charge for your photos. 

How to Price Custom Content

You will receive messages asking if you can create special custom content for some buyers. Depending on what they ask for, you can charge anywhere from $50 to $500.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate your prices for one-on-one content either. Your feet and time are valuable!

Always remember that you can say no to requests. You have boundaries to uphold and maintain. Don’t ever do anything you are not comfortable with. 

How Do I Get Paid Anonymously?

The best and safest way to collect payment while staying anonymous is through CashApp

It is a money transfer app that instantly accepts funds. You can either keep these funds in your CashApp and get a debit card from the app or transfer to your bank. 

You can sign up with the email address you created specifically for your feet content. Pick a cash tag, or username, that you will give to your customers. 

Pro Tip: Keep all of your social media, CashApp, and email address usernames the same to avoid confusion amongst buyers. 

When you use secure platforms, which we will get into next, you can receive payment directly through them. 

Where to Sell Feet Pics Online

Believe it or not, there are plenty of websites and platforms where you can start selling your feet pics. Some of these methods you probably already use and didn’t know you could be earning extra cash just by selling photos of your precious toes!

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One of the mainstream social media platforms that have great opportunities for selling feet pics is Instagram. 

It’s easy to create a following, interact with people who want to buy feet pictures, and create different ways to make money. 

Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram stories and Close Friends lists either. You can leverage these to charge your followers special viewing privileges. 

There are entire communities of girls who sell feet pics on Instagram that you can connect with too. 

Whether you decide to sell feet pics here, it’s still important to have an Instagram account to promote your photos and grow a following. You can then lead people who want to buy feet pics to your secure official platform.

I did a deep dive into how to market yourself on Instagram with a complete list of hashtags in my Power of Social Media guide. You can learn more about how to get your free copy at the end of this blog post. 

Stock Photo Websites

You know the websites with free pictures you can use on your website or on social media. These photos have no copyright so you can use them as you please. 

What if you posted your foot pic on this website for everyone to use. Whenever someone downloads your photo, the site will pay you.

Now that is truly passive income. 

The top sites for stock photos are

  • iStock
  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Alamy

When wondering how to sell feet pics, you probably never imagined selling them on family-friendly sites like this! 


Etsy isn’t just for homemade crafts and downloadable templates. You can also sell feet pics on the website. 

In fact, Etsy gives you some more creative freedom when it comes to how to sell your feet pics online. Rather than having buyers purchase digital images, you could offer physical photos such as polaroids to ship to your clients. 

Your feet photos can become an artsy project unique just to you. It’s a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other sellers and find a niche clientele. 


Use dating apps to your advantage, even if you’re in a relationship, and learn how to sell feet pics on Tinder. Quickly swipe through profiles and match with people who like to buy foot pics. 

It’s important to put your feet as your profile pictures and optimize your bio. This will help you filter through profiles who are looking for a date from those who are open to buy feet pics.  

This is another method where you should create a CashApp account so they can pay you directly and anonymously. 

Feet Finder

One of the most secure and profitable platforms where you can sell foot pics is FeetFinder. This legit website is a marketplace connecting creative sellers with passionate buyers. 

You can create albums of up to 15 foot photos or one video and set your own price. With total control over the content you post and your pricing, you can make thousands a month! 

The beauty of signing up for FeetFinder is there is an entire professional marketing team actively working to promote the site to clients. 

So, rather than using Instagram on your own to promote yourself, you’ll have a whole company behind you working to get more buyers on the site. 

You can also message clients and potential buyers safely through Feet Finder and take custom orders to make even more money too. 

FeetFinder is also one of the safest platforms where women can sell their feet pics right now.

Legit, effective, and the platform where I’ve made the most money from my feet pics, Feet Finder is hands down the best place to sell your feet pics. 

Sign Up for Feet Finder

how to sell feet pics

How to Promote Your Foot Pictures

Whether you choose to sign up for Feet Finder, which will help you promote your photos, or do it on your own, it’s important to have a marketing strategy. 

When you spend time working to promote your content, you’ll make more money selling feet pics. 

How exactly do you promote yourself to gain a following and get more buyers?

Social Media

Use your new social media accounts to your advantage. These are great ways to promote yourself and connect with people who buy feet pics. 

The main social media channels you should have are

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

Through these platforms, you can scout out profiles that show an interest to purchase your type of content. 

Leave comments, contribute to thread conversations, and connect with people through messaging. You have to put yourself out there a little bit to get your name known. Using hashtags on Instagram and Twitter can also help you promote your content.

Make sure to read to the end of this article to find out how you can get your free copy of my guide The Power of Social Media with tips on how to promote yourself using Instagram and more. 

Join Communities

There is actually a large community of girls who sell feet pics online and people who buy them. To help with your self-promotion, it’s a good idea to find these communities and join them. 

Talk to other members and start forming relationships with them. The girls are often very supportive and will even promote your profile on their social media to help you gain followers. 

I’ve started my own Telegram channel just for the ladies who want to learn how to sell feet pics and connect with other sellers. I share weekly tips, advice, and free guides! 

Find out how to access the Telegram channel at the end 😉

The Secret to Chatting with Clients to Sell More Pictures

You’ll find that many feet lovers are actually very shy when it comes to asking for pictures. Sometimes the best way to sell pictures is to be kind and chat with potential clients to make them feel comfortable with asking you for pics. 

When chatting with clients and potential buyers, you’ll want to be flirty and play into their fantasies if you feel comfortable with it. 

Use a lot of emojis in your messages too. This helps with making you seem friendlier and flirtier. 

Have fun with the light conversations you have with your buyers. When you connect with them on a certain level, you increase the chances of making a sale. They may even request a custom photo or video. 

How to Stay Safe While Selling Feet Pics Online

The most important thing to remember while making extra cash by selling feet content is to stay safe. 

While you already take precautions by not showing your face, there are other measures you must take to sell feet pics safely. 

Don’t Share Personal Information

While you’re chatting with clients or posting photos to your Instagram, be careful not to share personal info. Even slight details about your location could reveal too much about you. 

I like to suggest creating a persona. Think of a backstory for your persona. Where did she grow up? How does she like to spend her free time? What is her favorite meal? 

When you create a character, then you can answer “personal” questions without giving information about yourself and remain anonymous.

Add a Watermark to Your Photos

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who steal content and sell the pictures as their own. One way to combat this and protect your content is to add a watermark to your photos. 

This can be as simple as writing your social media handle on the photo. Make sure to place the watermark as close to your feet as possible, without covering them. 

You should add this watermark to your social media posts most importantly. Your watermark can simply be your username on the photo. 

Easily add a watermark using Canva and choose your font or even create a logo for yourself.  

Delete Metadata from Photos

When you take a photo with your phone, there is a lot of data attached to it. If you know how to access it, you can see when the photo was taken and the location. 

While staying safe and anonymous, it’s crucial to delete this metadata when sending feet pics to buyers. 

There are a few ways you can do this. 

If you have an iPhone, you can delete the information right in your Photos app. Simply swipe up on the photo you’re viewing and delete the location information.

If you have a Mac, you can either take a screenshot of your photo or convert the image (if it’s HEIC or PNG) to a JPG and uncheck “Presave Metadata.” To do this, find the image in your Finder window, right-click, go to Quick Actions, and Convert Image. 

You can also delete metadata using the Lightroom Mobile App on your phone. When you export your edited image, click “Export As,” then “More Options,” and uncheck “Include Metadata.” 

You can find more details about how to delete metadata from your photos in my guide The Feet Pic Bible. 

how to sell feet pics

How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

One of the major things people who sell feet pictures must protect themselves from is getting scammed. 

Unfortunately, there are people posing as feet lovers and buyers who just want to steal money from you. 

There are some easy ways spot a scam. The best way to protect yourself from scams is to know what to look for. 

Always Collect Payments Beforehand

Never never never send feet photos to a buyer before getting paid. This is the number one scam many girls fall for. They trust that after sending the photo, the buyer will then send the money. 

Remember, you have what the buyer wants. They must give you the money first. 

It’s like online shopping. You don’t get the dress you ordered before transferring the money from your credit card to the store. No, you pay for the dress and wait for it to be delivered. 

It’s the same when selling foot pictures. 

If a buyer asks for a picture before sending payment, don’t waste your time. It’s most likely a scam. 

Don’t Accept Gift Cards or Checks

The most secure way to accept payment for your pictures is through CashApp or using a platform like FeetFinder

A common scam feet pic sellers run into are buyers who request you to buy a gift card, steam card, or razer gold card. They will ask you to send the activation code to “show your loyalty” or “secure the transaction.”

In reality, they are activating these cards to use themselves. As a result, you’re out $20 or $50. 

Some buyers may offer to send you a picture of a check. They tell you that you can use your mobile banking to deposit it. Do not trust them. This is yet another scam. 

Be firm in your stance and don’t be afraid to stand up to these scammers. Tell them no. Tell them you only accept payment on secure platforms like Feet Finder. 

If they are not willing to go to your profile and purchase your content there, they are trying to scam you. 

Identify Scam Patterns

After a while, you will learn how to smell a scam from the very first message someone sends you. 

They will use a ton of emojis. 

They will often offer you around $2,000.

A common request is writing their name on your feet. 

The messages start to sound all the same after a while. 

I’ve included an example of what a scam message looks like above. If you receive messages like this, don’t bother answering and wasting your time. 

You’re busy selling feet pics; no time for scammers!

Use Secure Platforms

The most common platforms where you’ll get scammed are Instagram and Twitter. 

If you are just starting selling feet pics, then I suggest using secure platforms like FeetFinder. Buyers will submit their payment through this platform and the money will go directly to you. 

The chance of getting scammed here is very low compared to unregulated platforms.

How to Create Sellable Feet Content

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or foot model to create high-quality pictures of your feet. 

With just some practice and the help of my Feet Posing Guide (more info at the end!) you can take beautiful, sellable content in no time. 

Get the Perfect Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to taking high-quality foot pictures! Don’t let a dark room keep you from selling foot pics online. 

The best thing you can do is buy a ring light with different light settings. Most come with a tripod, making it easy to set up and angle just the right way. 

You can also use natural light to your advantage. Set yourself up in front of a window with lots of light or go outside and take some pictures of your toes in the grass. 

Strike a Pose

Finding attractive foot poses is all part of the fun of selling feet pics. You can show your toes, soles, arches, ankles, tops of your feet, heels, and more. 

Embrace the beauty of your feet and show off the parts you love the most!

To get posing ideas, you can search on Pinterest, Google, or Instagram. But remember to put your own flair to it. 

You can also show off other parts of your body that make you feel confident. Throw on some sexy lingerie and show some of that peach you worked so hard to build. 

Just got a manicure done? Show off your hands in your photos if you want. 

Use Props to Set the Scene

Get creative with using props in your photos to set the scene. This can be anything from food to flowers to candles to stuffed animals. 

Tell a story through your feet pictures and set the mood for your clients. Play off of different fantasies and desires. 

One of the most common and admired props you can use is foot jewelry such as anklets and toe rings. You can find tons of sparkly options online for affordable prices. 

Edit Lightly

Good feet pics sell like crazy! You’ll want to make your photos look semi-professional with good lighting, a quality image, and some light editing. 

Use Lightroom Mobile or even Instagram editor to brighten your photos. If you have a blemish or cut on your foot, try to cover it up with a clone tool or color editor. 

The more professional and clean your images appear, the more likely they will sell for a high price. 

How to Take Care of Your Feet

To sell high-quality photos, you need high-quality feet to take pictures of. Foot modeling is more than just sending your iPhone photos to buyers. It’s about taking proper care of your feet to keep them beautiful and attractive for your clients. 

Keep Your Feet Pretty

It’s always a good idea to put cream on your feet at night to keep them moisturized and soft. 

If you’re someone who walks around a lot during the day, then you could be at risk of forming hard callouses. Using foot creams can help prevent these calluses.

It’s especially important to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months. The cold can dry out your skin and make it crack. 

While some people buy feet pics of “ugly” or worn feet, you will find that you make more sales when your feet are soft and pretty.

Get an Occasional Pedicure

Treat yourself to a relaxing and well-deserved pedicure every so often. Not only is this an enjoyable spa treatment, but it’s an easy way to maintain the appearance of your feet. 

There is only so much you can do to keep your feet pretty at home. When you go to a professional nail technician, they can help get rid of stubborn callouses, clean up your cuticles, and perfectly paint your toes with your favorite color. 

Don’t forget, you can write off this expense from your taxes too!

Avoid Shoes That Cause Blisters

It’s important that you be careful when choosing your shoes. You want to avoid any shoes that may cause redness or blisters on your feet. 

Let’s face it; you never know when you might get a custom order in your inbox! You want to always be prepared to sell foot pictures at any given moment. 

Waiting for a blister or cut to heal can put you “out of work” for weeks. Avoid this downtime and be conscious of the shoes you wear while out on the town. 

Take steps to take good care of your feet at all times!

Start Selling Your Feet Anonymously Online and Make Hundreds a Week

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