Where to Sell Feet Pics: 12 Legit Websites to Make Extra Cash

where to sell feet pics

So you want to make some extra cash fast with just your phone and have just learned how to sell feet pics online without showing your face. Now it’s time to learn where to sell feet pics to make the most cash – fast! 

There are many platforms where you can safely and securely where you can sell feet pics easily and anonymously. 

However, each platform and website has its own benefits and downsides. 

I’m sharing my firsthand experience selling my feet pics online and the best places to do it. I’ve already made my mistakes – now I’m helping you to avoid them and make your money even faster without trial and error! 

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where to sell feet pics

Why You Should Start Selling Feet Pictures

Before diving into where to sell feet pics, let’s quickly review why I’m such an advocate for why you should start selling feet pics online without showing your face. 

First of all, it’s completely anonymous! You aren’t jeopardizing your reputation or career by posting suggestive material online for people to buy. It’s the perfect secret side hustle if you’re simply looking to make some extra money to pay your car loan or save up for that designer back you’ve been dreaming about. 

Secondly, it’s so freakin’ easy! Snap a photo of your beautiful feet and post it to one of the many online marketplaces and wait for someone to purchase it. Best of all, your effort pays off because multiple buyers can purchase the same feet pics over and over again. 

So, you just make the effort of taking one photo and could sell it 50 or 100 times over! 

Lastly, it’s so much fun to do. Getting a pedicure, choosing your new color, and posing in front of the camera in flattering angles not only boosts your confidence but will earn you money. 

When I started making money selling feet pics, I couldn’t believe how easy and fun it was. I truly wish I had started this side hustle years ago! Who knows what I could have afforded or gone on vacation if I had started then. 

Where to Sell Feet Pics

If you haven’t read my guide about How to Sell Feet Pics Online Without Showing Your Face, I definitely recommend you do that before continuing to read this blog post.

Now that you’re back and ready to sell feet pictures online and make bank it’s time to dive into where to sell feet pics online.

1. FeetFinder

The leading website where girls sell foot pictures to feet lovers is FeetFinder. It’s my number one go-to platform and I know it is safe, secure, and reliable. 

It’s super easy to get started and caters solely to people who want to buy feet pics and chat with sellers. 

You can create a profile with as many albums and videos as you’d like to sell. Safely message and chat with buyers and even take custom orders for extra money if you want. 

Through individual album sales or subscription memberships, you can earn hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on this website. 

Plus, there’s an entire professional marketing team behind the platform working to bring more buyers to the site. What does that mean for you? It means you’ll sell more pictures! 

You’ll receive payment directly through FeetFinder’s platform, so there is less chance of getting scammed by a buyer. Safe, secure, and reliable, that’s exactly why I use FeetFinder to sell my feet pictures. 

2. Instagram

Another great place to sell feet pics online is on Instagram. Though, you do need to be a bit more careful with the content you share and how you promote yourself to follow their guidelines. If you’re in violation of these guidelines, you may find your Instagram account deleted. 

With such a large community, it’s easy to connect with buyers and other sellers to promote your foot pics and videos. 

Finding the right hashtags and profiles to follow will do wonders for promoting your pretty feet. Make sure to take good feet pics too. Try taking photos in high heels and trying different feet poses to attract more buyers. 

The best way to collect payments from buyers through Instagram is through CashApp. You can stay anonymous and get money transferred right to your online account in seconds. 

Be careful of who you sell to, though. There are many scammers looking to rip you off. Make sure to always get paid before sending your photos and never buy gift cards to “validate” your account for someone. 

To learn about scams involved in selling feet pics on Instagram, make sure to read my blog post How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

3. Etsy

Believe it or not, you can actually make some extra cash selling feet pics on Etsy. Whether it’s digital images or printed polaroids for a more artsy touch, Etsy is a unique place where to sell feet pics. 

If you’re an artist who wants to get super creative with selling feet pics, you can even create merchandise with your feet on it. From tote bags to t-shirts to sketches of your gorgeous toes, you’d be surprised at who buys merchandise like this. 

It can be a bit difficult to get started on Etsy with your business account and storefront. However, once you learn how to market yourself, you’ll be surprised at how many sales you can make selling feet pictures. 

4. Stock Photo Websites

You know those websites with free pictures you can use on your website or on social media. These photos have no copyright so you can use them as you please. This stock photography may be used by medical journals, wellness blogs, salons, and even modeling agencies. 

What if you posted your foot pic on this website for everyone to use. Whenever someone downloads your photo, the site will pay you.

Now that is truly passive income. 

The top stock photography websites include 

  • iStock
  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Alamy

When wondering how to sell feet pics, you probably never imagined selling them on family-friendly sites like this! 

5. Tinder

Use dating apps to your advantage, even if you’re in a relationship, and learn how to sell feet pics on Tinder. Quickly swipe through profiles and match with people who like to buy foot pics. 

It’s important to put your feet as your profile pictures and optimize your bio. This will help you filter through profiles who are looking for a date from those who are open to buy feet pics.  

This is another method where you should create a CashApp account so they can pay you directly and anonymously. 

While it does take some hands-on work, you’ll quickly see just how much a few minutes of swiping each day can pay off. 

6. Your Blog

If you’re someone who loves writing and creating content, then you may consider selling feet pics right on your blog. 

This is great for those who are already bloggers and know the ins and outs of creating a successful blog. 

Make sure to take high-quality feet pics and upload them to your website. This is how you can charge more and look like a professional foot model. 

Promote your business and sell your feet pics to interested buyers right online. This does take a bit more work on your side as you have to market yourself on your own, but many sellers have seen success with it! 

7. Snapchat

Snapchat is yet another platform where you can sell feet photos to eager buyers. While it can be a bit more difficult to find buyers and market yourself on the platform, it’s a great way to communicate and build relationships with clients. 

Snapchat Premium allows you to charge membership fees for people to view your content. So, not only can you sell individual feet photos, but you can get recurring fees simply by posting content daily. 

If you’re seriously dedicated to selling feet pics on Snapchat, you can invest in creating advertisements for your profile to get more buyers. 

Keep in mind that Snapchat is a great addition to your social media accounts, especially when using FeetFinder and Instagram to sell and promote feet photos. 

8. OnlyFans

With rising popularity for sultry content, OnlyFans is another place where to sell feet pics without showing your face. 

Unfortunately, the market is a bit saturated with more mature content. So, you’ll have to fight for attention from buyers with your foot pics. 

While there are some people who have found success selling feet pics on OnlyFans, I don’t suggest starting out there. Once you have built a following on your social media accounts, then you may consider switching to OnlyFans for a subscription-based model. 

It may also be a bit harder to compete while you remain anonymous because many of the girls are showing their faces and even more than that. 

9. Modeling Agencies

You read that right! You can become a professional foot model and sell photos to modeling agencies and brands looking to promote their products. 

From filming commercials for foot creams to taking photos to sell anklets and toe rings, there’s an entire industry for you to break into. 

Maybe you would rather take a more professional and streamlined route and sell feet pics to brands and businesses. This is your chance to do that. 

You may even want to reach out to brands that sell jewelry or sandals directly and offer your modeling services. 

10. Craigslist

It may be hard to believe, but people do still use Craiglist to list services and items for sale. That means it’s a great place for selling foot pictures too. 

Now, you do need to be extremely careful dealing with Craiglist. While it’s super easy to be anonymous and send photos digitally, you’ll want to avoid scams and keep your data private. 

Before sending any photos, make sure to remove the metadata such as the location of the photo and when it was taken. You can read more about it in my ultimate guide on how to sell feet photos online. 

11. Feetify

Another one of the popular photo sites specifically for selling pictures of your feet is Feetify. While I haven’t used this website personally, I’ve heard some decent things about it. 

They claim to pay you to post high-quality photos of your feet – you don’t have to make a sale. However, these photos must meet their requirements to earn a few extra bucks. 

Just like FeetFinder, you can connect with buyers and chat with them to take custom orders or simply get compliments about your photos. 

While I would like to try this someday soon, I can’t see myself having both FeetFinder and Feetify accounts at the same time. 

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12. FunwithFeet

Funwithfeet is another feet pic-only website for feet lovers and feet pic sellers to connect and both enjoy the experience. Not only will feet pic sellers earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but they will be happy knowing that they have satisfied their customers’ pleasures.

The platform is fairly new and still gaining traction, but shows a lot of promise. With a sleek design, easy-to-use platform, and helpful blog for creators, you can set yourself up for success.

You’ll also have peace of mind of knowing that a large professional marketing team is behind the website working to attract new buyers for your pictures.

The sign-up process is simple. However, it’s important to note that you will have to purchase a membership package to become a seller. Don’t worry, though! You’ll earn your money back in no-time after selling your feet photos.

where to sell feet pics

What Kind of Feet Pictures Do People Buy?

There are endless kinds of feet pics people buy online. You can really have so much fun taking high-quality pictures of your feet, toes, heels, socks, and more to make people happy and satisfied. 

To build up your content and create feet pic albums to sell on your social media accounts, you’ll want to try the following foot poses and content ideas. 

Toes, Soles, and Arches

Natural, clean feet are one of the most requested feet pics online. From close-up toe pics to soft flat soles to flexing your beautiful arches, you’ll find many buyers excited to own your photos. 

These posed feet sell very well and are super easy to take. You can do it right when you get out of the shower in a part of your home with great natural light. 

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Yup, those colorful socks tucked away in your drawer can actually make you some great money online! 

Selling feet pics doesn’t mean your feet have to be bare or perfectly polished. If you’re due for a pedicure but still want to create some content, throw on some socks and get shooting. 

Some clients may even request specific socks such as designer brands or holiday-themed. When they make a special request like this, you can charge a bit extra so you can go out and purchase the socks to wear for them. 

Use Props

Selling foot pictures online should be fun and creative! So, don’t be afraid to go all in and set up scenes with props when you create your content. 

You can make a romantic setting with candles, flowers, foot jewelry, and lace. Or you can play into more than just a foot fetish and tie specialty knots with a rope around your feet. 

Do you have a sweet tooth? Why not try to put some dessert toppings on your toes for a special feet pic. 

Seriously, have fun when taking and selling your feet pics online! If you aren’t having fun, you won’t make as much money – trust me. 


Got a closet full of heels and nowhere to wear them? This is your time to pull them out and make some good money while wearing them and selling your feet pics to people who appreciate your toes and shoes!

Many buyers will request platform shoes, stiletto heels, and sandals. Sometimes they want them to be sparkly while others prefer a classier foot pic. 

Whatever you have in your closet will surely work to make a buyer happy. No need to go out and buy six-inch heels right away – unless a client requests you to in their special order, of course. 

Get Started Selling Your Feet Pics Today

Are you ready to make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars simply by selling feet pics online? 

You’ve come to the right place to learn everything there is to know from where to sell feet pics online to how to pose for a feet pic to how much to charge for feet pictures. 

I’m sharing everything I have learned while selling my own feet pics online so you can avoid making my mistakes and earn money faster! 

Ready to sign up and sell pictures of your feet online? Start your FeetFinder account today and join me in making money online with this fun and profitable side hustle today!