How to Take Sexy Feet Pics: A Beginner’s Guide

how to take sexy feet pics

You’ve heard about women selling feet pics without showing their faces online and are curious about how you can earn hundreds of dollars from home too. As you research, you start to wonder how to take sexy feet pics that people will actually buy. 

Well, darling, you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve created this blog, Feet Empire, to help women like you step into financial freedom while protecting their identities by selling feet pictures online. After almost two years of doing this on FeetFinder, I’ve made the mistakes you should avoid – which is exactly what I write about in my blog (and newsletter)!

So, the key to taking sexy feet pics is to embrace your confidence. 

Of course, there are a bunch of other practical steps to take, but the most important thing is to feel sexy. Your feet pics should exude sexiness because you feel confident and sexy in them! 

Now, you’re probably shrugging your shoulders thinking, but that doesn’t answer my question about how to take sexy feet pics. 

Don’t worry; I’ve got you! 

In this blog post, I’m doing a deep dive into how to take sexy feet pics and earn hundreds of dollars from them each month. 

how to take sexy feet pics
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What are Considered Sexy Feet Pics?

There are tons of feet pics available online. From feet pics with specific nail polish to ugly feet pics to mature feet pics, there is no shortage of satisfying a feet lover’s desires. 

However, some of the top-selling feet pics are sexy feet pics. But, what is considered sexy in the feet pic world? 

how to take sexy feet pics
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High Heels

Oh, the allure of high heels! Those towering marvels that defy gravity and transform a simple walk into a sultry sashay. High heels have an uncanny knack for enhancing the beauty of the feet, making them an absolute must for anyone looking to snap some sexy foot pics.

Now, let’s dive into a few types of high heels that you might consider slipping on for your photo session. 

Stilettos – The crème de la crème of heels! Are they comfortable? Not particularly. Will they make your feet look like they’ve descended straight from heaven? Absolutely. Their super high and thin heel creates a striking arch, accentuating the curves and lines of your feet. 

Platform heels – If you’re looking for a little more stability but still want that sexy height, platform heels are your new best friend. They’ll give your feet a nice lift without making you feel like you’re tottering on stilts. 

Wedge heels – They offer excellent support and are comfortable to wear, making them great for extended photo sessions. And let’s not forget, they can make your feet look just as sexy and appealing as any other heel. 

Whether you buy heels solely for your sexy feet pic photo shoot or they are your favorite go-to pair when out on the town, high heels can spice up your content. 

how to take sexy feet pics
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Fishnet Stockings & Nylons

Fishnet stockings and nylons are like the cherry on the sundae, the final touch that takes the ordinary to extraordinary. The mystery, the seduction, the tease — it’s all there in a pair of fishnets or nylons! 

Fishnet stockings, as the name suggests, are made up of a crisscross pattern that resembles a fisherman’s net. This web-like design, typically in black, goes all the way from the toes to the waist.

Why, you ask, are they soooo sexy? 

The answer lies in the subtle art of suggestion. 

The tiny diamonds created by the intersecting lines give just a glimpse of the skin underneath, leaving just enough to the imagination. When we talk about feet pictures, fishnets add an element of fascination and edginess, making your feet look incredibly appealing. 

Then, there are nylons. 

These sheer stockings, often in shades of nude or black, cover your legs in a thin layer of fabric which gives them a smooth, flawless look. They are considered sexy because they enhance the natural beauty of your legs, making them appear longer, slimmer, and simply irresistible. The sheer fabric also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your feet pictures. 

So, if you want to take your feet pictures from cute to sexy, don’t forget to throw in a pair of fishnets or nylons. Trust me, buyers will be tripping over themselves to get a look at them!

Knots and Ropes

Well, my adventurous friend, let’s dive into the art of knots and ropes, shall we? Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Tying ropes around my feet? Isn’t that a bit too…well, kinky?” 

Bear with me here, because believe it or not, there’s a pretty niche group out there who find this type of thing incredibly sexy. And catering to a niche audience, that’s where the big bucks are, my friend. 

The key here is in the intricacy. To make it more appealing and sexy, the knots you tie around your toes, feet, and ankles need to be delicate, intricate, and artful. Think of it as crafting a beautiful piece of jewelry, but with ropes. The effect can be quite sensual, almost poetic. 

The ropes should be tied in a way that highlights the beauty and elegance of your feet. Try different types of knots and loops, play with the tension, and find what works best for your foot shape. 

Remember, the secret to a good feet pic is all about contrast. The rough texture of the rope against the softness of your feet, the tension of the knots against the delicate curves of your ankles. It’s this juxtaposition that makes it so tantalizing. 

Oh, and one more thing: always make sure the ropes are comfortable and not too tight. Safety first, sexy second! 

So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows? You might just discover a hidden passion for rope artistry – and make a nice chunk of change while you’re at it!

how to take sexy feet pics
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Red Nail Polish

Just picture this. You’re scrolling through an endless sea of feet pictures online. Then, BAM! A pair of feet adorned with fiery red nails steal your attention. It’s hard to ignore, right? That’s the power of the color red. It simply screams, “Look at me!” It’s bold, it’s confident, it’s sexy. 

In my personal experience, I’ve found that red nail polish not only elevates my confidence but also the attractiveness of my pictures. And you know what that means? More sales, more money! 

So ladies, it’s time to paint the town red. Or, in this case, your nails. 

how to take sexy feet pics
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Foot Jewelry

Alright ladies, let’s talk about the secret weapon to taking sexy feet pics – foot jewelry. It’s time to bring attention to your feet with some bling! 

Adding some shimmer and sparkle with foot jewelry like anklets and toe rings can instantly enhance the attractiveness of your feet. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. 

These beauties have the power to shift a plain Jane feet picture to an alluring, ‘can’t-look-away’ kind of image. It’s all about creating a look that says, ‘Hey, I’ve got style and I know how to use it.’ 

Anklets are a fantastic choice for adding that touch of elegance. They can be simple and delicate or bold and chunky, depending on your style preference. Just imagine a gold or silver anklet hugging your ankle, catching the light, and adding a bit of sparkle. Oh, la la! 

Next up, we have toe rings. These babies can make your toes look simply irresistible. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different designs and materials. A simple silver band, a funky tribal design, or a cute gemstone – the world of toe rings is your oyster. 

Remember, the key to making money from home selling feet pics isn’t just about having clean and well-groomed feet (though that’s definitely important). It’s about adding that extra oomph factor and making your feet look like a million bucks.

So, go ahead and bedazzle your feet with some sexy foot jewelry. Trust me, your bank account will thank you for it.

how to take sexy feet pics
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How to Take Sexy Feet Pics

Now that we’ve covered what types of feet pictures are considered sexy, let’s dive deep into exactly how to take sexy feet pics so you can finally fund your shopping habits without taking up a second part-time job. 

how to take sexy feet pics
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Prepare Your Feet

The first step in learning how to take sexy feet pics is to prepare your feet. This means taking proper care of them. While some people are into nasty feet pics, this isn’t the category that we are going for when we want to take sexy feet pics. 


Moisturizing with one of the best foot creams is one step you don’t want to skip. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years in the feet pic business, it’s the magic of moisturization. 

So, why moisturize? 

Feet are like people, they crave attention too. 

When they’re not properly cared for, they start to show signs of neglect. Just like your face needs a good moisturizer to stay fresh and youthful, so do your feet. This is especially important for us, the feet-pic-preneurs.

We need our feet not just to look good, but to look irresistibly good. And moisturizing every night can do just that! 


Okay, let’s get into the real deal. If you truly want to make your feet look sexy and attractive in photos, the first step you need to take is exfoliation. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this term before, right? 

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Giving your feet a good scrub once a month can make a world of difference in how they look in photos. 

When you exfoliate, you’re basically giving your feet a fresh start. You’re getting rid of all the dry, rough skin, and revealing the softer, smoother skin underneath. This will give your feet a healthier, more youthful look, which is exactly what you want in your photos. 

But wait, there’s more! In addition to monthly exfoliation, using a foot peel two or three times a year offers a full reset for your skin. These treatments can help you get rid of calluses, soften your skin, and improve its overall texture. Plus, they’re a great way to pamper yourself and make your feet feel amazing. 


The last thing you can do to prepare your feet to take sexy feet pics is to get routine pedicures. I’m not just talking about slapping a pretty nail polish color on your toenails. I’m talking about a deeply moisturizing and exfoliating pedicure every other month done by a professional. 

Don’t forget; in some cases, you can write off your pedicure expenses when you go to file your income tax for your feet pic business. 

how to take sexy feet pics
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Create Your Photo Shoot Set

You may think that taking sexy photos of your feet is just snapping photos on your phone whenever you feel like it. While there are some feet pics like this that sell, buyers are looking for high-quality content to spend their money on. 

So, ladies, selling feet pics is right on par with being a content creator! 

Below are some tips on how to take good feet pics.


Let’s chat about one of the most crucial elements that can make or break your sexy feet pics – lighting. Many of you might not know this, but the quality of light can significantly influence the outcome of your pictures.

Now, I’m not saying you need to invest in expensive studio lighting. You might be surprised, but the best light source is probably just outside your window. 

Yes, you guessed it right! Natural light is your best friend when it comes to taking gorgeous feet pictures.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. 

Natural light is soft, diffused, and can bring out the best features of your feet. It can highlight the curves, the shape, and even the color of your nail polish.

So, if you’re planning your photoshoot, try to do it during the day when the sun is out.

Position yourself near a window, or even better, head outside if that’s an option. 

But what if you want to take pictures at night, or on a gloomy day? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Here’s where a ring light comes into play.

It is a fantastic and affordable lighting source that can mimic natural light. A ring light provides evenly distributed light that reduces shadows and highlights the best features of your feet, making them look oh-so-attractive.

Remember, the goal is to make your feet look alluring, and the right lighting can help you achieve just that!


Imagine this: Your beautifully manicured foot, delicately draped with a pearl necklace, resting on a plush bed of silk sheets. Now that’s what I call a sexy feet pic! 

But pearls and bed sheets aren’t the only props that can add that sultry touch to your feet pics. 

Have you ever considered food? Not in a messy, food-fight kind of way, but think strawberries, cherries, or even a glass of fine wine. 

The key is to play with contrasts and textures, combining the softness of your skin with the freshness of a fruit or the elegance of a wine glass. 

Remember, the aim is to craft a sensual and appealing image that tells a story. Your feet are the main characters, and the props and setting are the supporting cast that helps bring the tale to life. 

Photography Equipment

You don’t need fancy equipment that costs thousands of dollars to take good feet pics. 

The latest iPhone camera will do just fine! 

However, it’s important to clean the lens before taking photos. Nobody wants to buy smudged or blurry photos of your feet, no matter how sexy they are. 

how to take sexy feet pics
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Strike a Pose

Part of learning how to take sexy feet pics is finding the right poses that make you feel confident and your feet irresistible. 

There are even some feet pic photos without showing your face that you can use to protect your identity. Remember, it’s all about feeling and showing that you’re confident! 

how to take sexy feet pics
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Promote Your Sexy Feet Pics to Sell

Once you have a bunch of sexy feet pics, it’s time to promote them to potential buyers! 

The best way to do this is by signing up for FeetFinder and creating albums to sell. You can also choose to have a subscription membership, where your clients will have instant access to your sexy feet content automatically for a flat price each month. 

However, there is more to being a successful foot model than just snapping photos and uploading them. There is a little research to do. 

Keywords, Hashtags, and Categories

Let me tell you a secret, ladies. The world of online feet pics is overflowing with potential customers, but the trick lies in knowing how to reach them. 

It’s like fishing in the ocean. You have to know what bait to use to catch the kind of fish you want. In this case, your bait is the right keywords, hashtags, and categories that your potential buyers might be searching for. Research is your best buddy here. 

Your content needs to be tagged with the right keywords and hashtags to attract the right kind of buyer. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

“But how do I know what keywords and hashtags to use?” Well, that’s where the research part comes in. You see, each buyer has specific preferences. 

Some might be interested in “barefoot” while others might be searching for “high heels.” You have to dig deep into the preferences of your potential buyers to understand what keywords and hashtags will make your content visible to them. 

And don’t forget about categories! 

Just as a bookstore organizes books by genre, you should organize your content by categories. This will make it easier for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Witness how a simple category like “ankle bracelets” can attract a whole new set of buyers who are interested in this specific niche. 

Remember, ladies, the more research you do, the more content you’ll sell. It’s a simple equation. Better research equals better sales. So, put on your detective hat and get down to work. Your potential buyers are out there, waiting to be hooked by your stunning feet pics!

how to take sexy feet pics

Start Earning $1,000 per Month from Your Sexy Feet Pics

There you have it, ladies! 

You know now exactly how to take sexy feet pics, put them up for sale, and even where to sell them. You are now ready to start earning hundreds of dollars per week satisfying client desires with your sexy feet pics. 

If you haven’t already, make a FeetFinder account to start earning money from your feet pics today! It’s my personal favorite platform to sell feet pics. 

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