How to Take Feet Pics Without Showing Your Face [2024]

how to take feet pics

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You’ve heard by now that thousands of women are stepping into financial freedom by selling feet pics online. Now, you’re curious about how to take feet pics without showing your face and hop on this trending side hustle, too. 

I don’t blame you! 

I started selling feet pics without showing my face a little over a year ago and it has changed my life and my wallet for the better. My confidence is high, my bank account is full, and I’ve connected with so many wonderful women with the same mindset – financial freedom. 

But to achieve this financial freedom and successfully sell feet pics without anyone knowing, you must know how to take feet pics without showing your face. 

I’m sharing my firsthand knowledge with you ladies to help you snap the perfect foot pic every time and make sales left and right. You’ll have clients messaging you, requesting custom orders and offering compliments all day long! 

how to take feet pics
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Can You Actually Make Money Selling Feet Pics?

Truth be told, it’s entirely possible to make a substantial income by selling feet pics. In fact, some women are raking in as much as $2,000 per month!

However, it’s not as simple as snapping a photo and watching the money roll in. Success in this unconventional industry requires dedication, artistry, and a magnetic personality.

To navigate this niche effectively, you’ll have to present your photos appealingly and interact with potential clients with a friendly disposition. With resilience and a dash of creativity, you can tap into this surprising market and transform common feet pics into a viable source of income. 

how to take feet pics
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How to Take Feet Pics Without Showing Your Face

So, you want to sell feet pics, but you want to keep your identity a secret. Not a problem! 

Women around the world are making extra money doing this and you wouldn’t even know who they are. It could be the woman sitting next to you in the office cafeteria! 

I’m going to dive into the nitty gritty details of what you have to do to learn how to take feet pics without showing your face. 

how to take feet pics
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Get the Right Equipment

You’re going to need a few helpful photography items before starting your feet pic selling business. 

Ring Light

Good lighting is crucial in order to capture high-quality photos. Therefore, investing in a ring light can be immensely beneficial for those looking to sell feet pics. This tool illuminates your subject evenly from all sides, eliminating shadows and highlighting details.

However, if you don’t have a ring light at your disposal, fear not. You can also rely on nature’s best light source – the sun. When a sunny day comes along, take advantage of it. The natural light can provide a warm and vibrant tone to your photos, making your feet look appealing and flawless.


Investing in a quality tripod can truly make a difference in your feet photography. It securely holds your phone, enabling you to explore varying angles and heights with much ease. Say goodbye to awkward, unsteady shots and achieve perfect images each time you click!

iPhone or Android

You might find it surprising, but professional cameras are not necessary for taking high-quality feet pics.

Your everyday iPhone or Android smartphone is more than up to the task. Modern smartphones come equipped with powerful cameras that can capture detailed and vibrant photos. 

Plus, they offer the convenience of having your camera always at your fingertips.

Paired with good lighting and the right positioning, your phone can perfectly capture the shots you need while maintaining your anonymity. 

how to take feet pics
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Master Faceless Poses

To stay anonymous while selling feet pics online, one obstacle you have to overcome is mastering faceless feet photo poses. You may be surprised at how many posing options you have that won’t show your face! 

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The allure of arches is undeniable in feet photography. A pose that highlights the curvature of the foot–the arch–can attract a genuine admirer.

Aim for a casual, “no-face” pose like laying on a bed with feet lifted towards the wall or sitting on a chair with feet on a coffee table. Your face will stay concealed while your feet, especially arches, take center stage.

The attractiveness of arches rose from the subconscious association with grace and femininity, which appeals to many. Remember, the art of showcasing arches in photos is about balance and subtlety.


Posing with your toes can offer a unique perspective and appeal to those who appreciate the dainty details of feet. You could creatively display your toes, curled or stretched out.

Adding nail polish can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photos, as it lends a touch of color and personal style. Shades that stand out or complement your skin tone result in dynamic, visually appealing images.

Remember, variety is key, so don’t shy away from experimenting with different colors and designs. Feet enthusiasts often have a soft spot for polished toes, equating them to an art form and visual delight.


Showing off your legs in your feet pics can add a whole new level of appeal, all while keeping your face hidden. Many clients find longer shots involving the legs even more attractive, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles.

If you want to highlight your legs, try taking a wide shot using the back camera of your phone. Position your phone so it captures your legs and feet while comfortably reclining on a chair or bed, ensuring your face stays out of the frame.

Playing with positions, like crossing your ankles, pointing your toes, or bending your knees, can create compelling compositions that maintain an air of anonymity.


Yes, you can absolutely show off your feet and booty in a photo, while simultaneously concealing your face.

This is a sexy and much sought-after pose. Consider laying flat on your stomach, perhaps on a plush bed cover or on a yoga mat, with your feet slightly raised above. Point your toes to elongate and accentuate your feet.

As for the booty, position it in a flattering angle such as an arched back pose, being sure your top-half remains out of the frame.

This tasteful pose for sexy feet pics is a favorite among customers, providing the right balance of allure without revealing your identity.


Highlighting your soles can be very tantalizing for many feet pic enthusiasts; they are a popular item in this niche market. To take effective soles photos without revealing your face, it’s all about positioning.

Lie on your stomach, stretching your feet out behind you, so only your legs and feet are within the camera’s frame. You can curl your toes or keep them relaxed, based on preference. Capture from different angles to emphasize the uniqueness of your soles.

This approach provides an engaging view of your soles while helping you maintain privacy by keeping your face out of the shot.

how to take feet pics
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Set the Scene

You’ve decided to set up your tripod and snap some sexy feet pics to sell online without showing your face. There are a few things you can do to get in the mood and create beautiful and purchase-worthy content. 

Get in the Mood

Confidence plays a vital role when taking feet pics. It’s what transforms a simple snapshot into an enticing image.

Embracing your natural allure can lead to better profits and consistently high-quality pictures.

A great way to help stir up this feeling is to put on your favorite empowering music. Whether it’s a high-energy pop song or a sensual RnB track, let the rhythm ignite your spirit.

Allow yourself to feel sexy and powerful. This empowering mood will translate into your photos and add an irresistible touch to your feet pics, making them more appealing to potential buyers.

Add Foot Accessories

Boost the appeal of your feet photography by incorporating foot accessories; these additions make your images more intriguing and diverse.

Consider using foot jewelry for a touch of glamour or choose different types of shoes to add variety.

Playing with nylon stockings could lend an air of sophistication.

Sprinkling flowers around your feet gives a romantic, whimsical vibe while incorporating food can evoke a playful, quirky theme.

Just remember – the accessory should add to the beauty of your feet, not distract from it. Be creative, have fun and watch your feet pics shine with personality and allure!

Style Your Set

Crafting themed sets can significantly boost the appeal of your feet pictures, especially during holiday seasons. For instance, incorporating elements like Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, or Halloween decorations can evoke festivity, making your photos stand out.

Adding props that tell a story can instantly captivate viewers, hinting at the narratives behind the images.

You might consider a beach theme with shells and sand, a cozy winter scene with soft blankets and a hot cocoa mug, or a glamorous setting with glitter and high heels. 

These theme-driven, prop-enhanced pictures can captivate your audience and increase engagement, ultimately aiding in your feet pic sales.

how to take feet pics
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Lightly Edit Photos

When it comes to refining your photos, we recommend Adobe’s Lightroom mobile app.

It’s a handy tool that offers a range of adjustments to tweak lighting conditions in your images. A light touch of editing can enhance natural shadows, or illuminate brighter parts to capture the best angles of your feet pictures.

It’s user-friendly and it’s available for both iPhone and Android users.

Just remember, over-editing or heavily relying on filters may lead to losing the realistic touch in photos. Embrace natural beauty and use editing tools sparingly. Aim for a fresh, balanced look that seems as genuine as possible.

Add a Watermark

Adding a watermark to your photos is not just a trend, but a necessary step to protect your work in the digital world.

Placing a small, inconspicuous watermark near your feet helps to ascertain content ownership, and deter unauthorized re-use or distribution.

Using design tools like Canva, watermarking becomes a breeze. You can effortlessly add your personalized stamp on each image, regardless of your tech skills.

Remember, your work is uniquely yours, and a watermark is your signature statement. It communicates that your images are not for free use and help preserve your anonymity in the feet picture trade.

how to take feet pics

Pamper Your Feet for Photos

The key to learning how to take feet pics is to prepare your feet beforehand. Foot care should become part of your daily routine to make sure your feet are always picture-perfect and ready for the spotlight. 

Moisturizing Foot Cream

It’s crucial for foot models to maintain their assets in prime condition. Using a moisturizing foot cream every night is an excellent way to achieve this.

The hydrating quality of foot cream works wonders in keeping your feet soft and attractive, making them camera-ready at all times. Regularly moisturized feet also improve the appearance of skin texture, enhancing your feet’s overall aesthetic quality in photos.

Dedicate a few minutes each night for this self-care routine. When you wake up, you’ll notice refreshed, well-nourished feet that are perfect for your next photoshoot – a simple method for potentially boosting your income from selling feet pics.

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Routine Pedicures

The value of routine pedicures cannot be overstated. Whether you opt for a professional salon or prefer a DIY pedicure at-home approach, this self-care ritual is key to maintaining healthy and attractive feet.

It’s an opportunity to buff away rough skin, nourish with moisturizing products, and maintain nail hygiene – all critical components in producing high-quality feet pics.

Furthermore, regular pedicures contribute to the overall wellness of your feet and enhance the longevity of your feet models’ career.

The attractiveness of well-kept feet in a photo cannot be rivaled. Therefore, make pedicures an essential part of your feet-pampering routine. 

Exfoliating Peels

Every few months, it’s highly beneficial to indulge your feet in an exfoliating foot peel. This treatment can work wonders to rejuvenate your skin, helping to shed old, dead skin cells while revealing a supple, fresh layer underneath.

It’s an amazing solution to keep pesky calluses at bay and maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance for your feet. Peels often come infused with ingredients like glycolic acid and fruit enzymes that promote healthy foot skin.

So, make this a regular self-care routine. Your feet, after all, will be the stars of your photos, so ensure they are always camera-ready!

how to take feet pics
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Where to Sell Feet Pics

Now that you know how to take feet pics without showing your face, it’s time to put them up for sale and make some extra money! 

there are plenty of websites where you can sell feet pics. My top favorite is FeetFinder, but I have also used

Finding the right platform or website to sell feet pics is important. You should feel safe and comfortable using it to connect with feet lovers and potential customers. 

how to take feet pics

Start Earning $500 per Week Selling Feet Pics Without Showing Your Face

Are you ready to take the first step and start earning $500 per week from home selling feet pics without showing your face? Now is the time to start! 

You just learned how to take feet pics without showing your face that will sell, why not put it to the test?

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Happy selling, ladies!