Is FeetFinder Legit for Selling Feet Pics in 2023?

is feetfinder legit

You’re seriously considering selling feet pics online without showing your face to earn some extra cash, but you’re still wondering, “Is FeetFinder legit?” 

Selling feet photos online is one of the easiest and safest ways to earn money without leaving your home. I started selling my own feet pics six months ago and have started earning $2,000 per month! 

It’s fun, creative, and a great way to make some extra money for a fun vacation, to buy a luxury handbag you’ve had your eye on, or simply to pay the rent. 

There are plenty of websites and platforms where you can safely sell your foot pics, but my favorite is FeetFinder. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this seems a bit strange and out of the ordinary. How can you actually trust that these platforms will pay you? Will they actually keep your identity safe from their customers?

The answer is yes! 

FeetFinder is a legit site and platform where you can both sell and buy feet pics online without hassle, negotiating, or danger. 

When you use social media or another method to sell feet pics, you’re at risk of getting scammed. When you use a legit site like FeetFinder, it’s much safer and protected by an entire company and legal team behind it. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything about using FeetFinder to sell feet pics, how to set up your account, and insider tips on making your first sale. 

is feetfinder legit

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online marketplace where people can sell feet pics and connect with feet pic buyers. 

It is a secure platform where feet pic sellers can upload their content to a large database for buyers to peruse. It allows sellers and buyers to create profiles with screennames so they can connect and safely message each other. 

Is FeetFinder Legit?

FeetFinder is a legitimate US-based company established in Nevada. They have a full developer, marketing, and legal team working to keep the platform running smoothly and protect both sellers and buyers. 

With a 4.9-star rating on TrustPilot, thousands of people use FeetFinder every day to satisfy their desires and earn some extra income remotely.  

Can Anyone Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder?

If you are over the legal age of 18, then you can sell feet pics on FeetFinder. 

However, there are verification steps you must go through while setting up your FeetFinder account. The ID verification is a tell-tale sign that FeetFinder is legit. 

They don’t let just anyone sell feet photos on the platform. After undergoing some questions and the ID and age verification, you can begin selling feet pics on FeetFinder. 

Benefits of Using FeetFinder to Sell Feet Pictures

There are many platforms and websites out there for you to sell feet pictures. However, FeetFinder is the one I found to be the most helpful and lucrative. The easy-to-use platform makes it super simple to upload and sell content to buyers all over the world. 

So, what separates FeetFinder from the rest of the adult content websites out there?

Secure Platform

When you message clients on FeetFinder, you know that you are speaking on a secure platform. You also know that you are uploading your content to a platform that is encrypted and has the goal of keeping you safe. 

With so many verification questions and steps just to use FeetFinder, sellers can feel confident that they are protected in the best way possible. 

Actively Protects Sellers from Scams

Since buyers must purchase your feet pics through the platform, sellers are better protected from getting scammed. 

When selling content on other platforms, such as Instagram or Etsy, you are more likely to get caught in a scam where the buyer won’t pay. They may also offer to pay with gift cards, which end up being empty or stolen. 

FeetFinder actively protects sellers from getting scammed with their payment structure. They also comb through every buyer account and remove accounts that are fake or try to pay for photos outside of FeetFinder. 

Promotes Your Content

It can be difficult just starting out selling feet pics online because you don’t have a following yet. FeetFinder will automatically promote your content when you upload a new album or video to your profile. 

Your profile can show up on the seller’s page for someone who buys feet pics to look through. If they like your profile, you could make a sale! 

FeetFinder also spends thousands of dollars every month to get new buyers to use the platform. So, while you’re creating content, FeetFinder’s professional marketing team is working to get you new clients to buy your photos. 

It doesn’t get easier than that! 

Set Your Own Prices

FeetFinder is one of the few platforms that lets you set your own prices for your content. 

This gives you the freedom to truly earn as much money as possible! 

You get to put a value on your content, not some algorithm. 

When you’re first starting out, you may be wondering how much you should charge for feet pics. We recommend starting out between $10 and $15 per album. You should also check out my article about how much to charge for feet pictures for more help with this.

Of course, you can charge much more for special request orders. Sometimes sellers sell custom orders for a couple of hundred dollars based on the request. 

Message Directly with Clients

Most feet pic sellers earn a majority of their money from custom orders. This means chatting with clients on FeetFinder and taking special requests. 

Sometimes a client may request that you pose a certain way. Or they can ask you to wear a certain type of shoe. 

Based on the request, you can charge as much as you see fit for the content. 

Safely messaging clients through FeetFinder is safe and anonymous for both you and the buyer. So, you can confidently send feet photos while protecting your personal info. 

Set Up Subscription Plans

Taking inspiration from OnlyFans, the FeetFinder website lets sellers offer subscription plans for their foot content. 

Clients will pay a monthly subscription to get access to all of the content you post. This subscription can range from $3 to $49 dollars per month – however much you want! 

Instead of selling feet pictures through individual albums and single videos, your subscription plan gives subscribers full access to everything you post. 

When you set up a subscription plan, it’s important to stay consistent with creating feet content and posting at least once or twice per month. 

Is FeetFinder Safe for Selling Feet Pictures?

Yes, FeetFinder is one of the safest platforms out there for selling feet pics online. 

Since they verify every account and actively remove buyers who try to communicate outside of the FeetFinder website, sellers can safely sell content. 

Selling on FeetFinder is a much better alternative to selling on social media. With a whole team behind you, you’re much less likely to fall for a scam. 

Of course, you must also take precautions to stay safe. Never share personal information with buyers. You also can choose not to show your face and stay completely anonymous too. 

is feetfinder legit

How to Get Started on FeetFinder

It’s super easy to create a FeetFinder account and start selling foot pictures to eager buyers. 

Step 1: Create an Account

First, you’ll go to FeetFinder and create an account as a seller. 

Make sure to use my link when you sign up.

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Step 2: Confirm Your Identity

To ensure you are of legal age to sell adult content online, FeetFinder must verify your identity. 

They will ask you to send a photo of your driver’s license or government-issued ID. You must also take a selfie with your ID to prove the ID is yours too. 

It can take around 48 hours to confirm and verify your identity. 

Step 3: Set Up Your Profile

One of the most important things when creating a FeetFinder account is to optimize your profile. 

You will be asked to select which categories your content will fall under. Choosing the right categories will put you in front of buyers who are interested in that type of content. 

Seeing the different categories can also give you an idea of what kind of content clients like to purchase. 

You will also want to upload a profile photo and write a short, flirty description about yourself. 

For the description, use a lot of emojis and little details about your personality or your content. Some sellers also include their shoe sizes for customers who may like small or larger feet. 

Step 4: Upload Content

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can start uploading your content! 

Whether you’re selling ugly feet pics, shoe photos, or barefoot pics, make sure to name your albums with commonly searched words and phrases. You’ll also want to do the same when creating a description for the album. 

legit feetfinder

Why Does FeetFinder Ask for Your Social Security Number?

When you are creating your account on FeetFinder, you will be asked to submit your social security number. 

At first, this may be alarming, and you’ll wonder if FeetFinder is legit or not. While your first impression is that you are getting scammed, submitting your social security number is actually extremely legit for the website. 

Since you will make money selling content on FeetFinder, they need to report your income to the IRS. The only way to do this is by asking for your social security number. 

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Money You Make on FeetFinder?

Yes, you will have to claim the income you make selling feet pics on FeetFinder to the IRS when you file your taxes. 

You will be considered an independent contractor. Therefore, if you earn more than $600 during the year from FeetFinder, you will have to pay tax on it. 

However, as a FeetFinder seller, you will have the chance to deduct business expenses related to creating content. Some of these expenses include pedicures, foot accessories, production equipment, and the FeetFinder membership fee.

What is the Minimum Payout on FeetFinder?

The FeetFinder minimum payout is $30. 

This means that when your earnings are above this amount, you can withdraw them into your bank account. 

is feetfinder free to use

Is FeetFinder Free to Use?

No, FeetFinder is not free to use as a seller. 

There are two membership plans: Basic and Premium. 

The Basic membership has three different payment plans. You can pay $4.99 per month, $14.99 per year, or $40 for a lifetime membership. 

The Premium membership also has three payment plans. You can pay $14.99 per month, $29.99 per year, or $80 for a lifetime premium plan. 

This money is used to keep FeetFinder operating to keep you safe and attract more buyers. 

Does FeetFinder Have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, there is not a FeetFinder app to download to your phone. 

Similar to why OnlyFans doesn’t have a mobile app, the App Store or Google Play do not allow adult content apps on their platforms. 

So, FeetFinder buyers and sellers must use the website either on a computer or through a web browser on their phone. You can set up notifications in your browser to see when you receive a message, make a sale, or get a custom order request.

the feet pic bible

Start Selling Your Feet Pics on FeetFinder 

After reading this article, hopefully don’t still have the question, “Is FeetFinder legit?” 

FeetFinder is a legit website for selling and buying feet pictures online. Just look at the more than 5,000 FeetFinder reviews on TrustPilot! 

Sellers can start to earn passive income on their feet content and build a returning client base and monthly subscribers on the platform. 

You can keep your identity and account safe while you sell feet photos online through the platform’s security and professional team managing it. 

Get started with your new side hustle adventure and start earning extra income right from your computer. 

Make sure to use my link when you sign up.

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Happy selling, ladies!