How to Create a FeetFinder Profile (5 Simple Steps)

how to create a feetfinder profile

You’re ready to start earning extra cash by selling feet pics online without showing your face. The next step is figuring out how to create a FeetFinder profile to get started.

As the leading feet pic-selling platform, FeetFinder has helped thousands of women earn money simply by selling feet pics. The platform is safe, easy to use, and will instantly connect you with feet lovers looking to purchase high-quality pictures. 

As my go-to website to sell feet pics, I want to share with you how to create a FeetFinder profile that will give you a boost and attract more clients. 

When I first created my account, I would have loved a step-by-step article like this one to follow. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to create a FeetFinder profile. Plus, I’ll share some tips and advice to make it attractive and set you up for success.

how to create a feetfinder profile
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How to Create a FeetFinder Profile

Creating a profile on FeetFinder is pretty easy. However, you may have some questions throughout the process. That’s exactly why I wrote this blog! 

You’ll find the answers and explanations to all of the questions you may have while signing up for FeetFinder.

how to create a feetfinder profile

Step 1: Visit the Website

The first thing you’ll do when creating your FeetFinder profile is visit

On the homepage, you’ll see two buttons. Click the one that says “Sell Feet Pics.” This will lead you to a form.

how to create a feetfinder profile

Step 2: Complete the Form

To create your FeetFinder account, you must fill out a simple form with your information. It will ask for information such as your email address, birth date, and username. 

how to create a feetfinder profile

Step 3: Verify Your Identity

Even if you want to sell feet pics without anyone knowing, you must verify your identity with FeetFinder. 

There are a couple of reasons why FeetFinder requests this verification. 

  1. To verify that you are of legal age and can legally sell feet pictures.
  2. To notify the IRS how much you earned on FeetFinder for taxes 

You will verify your identity by submitting an official government ID, such as a drivers license. 

Simply take a photo of the front of your ID and a selfie of you holding the ID. 

​​Don’t worry; this information will not be made public on your FeetFinder profile!

It can take 24 to 48 hours for FeetFinder to verify your identity. Once approved, you can finish setting up your profile.

how to create a feetfinder profile

Step 4: Activate Membership

As one of the most successful websites to sell feet pictures, FeetFinder requires feet pic sellers to purchase a membership

Now, you may be wondering, why do I have to pay to use this platform?

The money from your membership goes towards FeetFinder’s marketing campaigns to attract more buyers to the site. This is a minimal investment in yourself and your side hustle.

There are two options: basic and premium account.

For both, you can pay either monthly, annually, or as a lifetime deal.

I chose the annual premium FeetFinder membership for just $29.99. Just think, you sell three photos at $10 a piece, and you’ve already made back your investment!

You can use a credit card or PayPal for secure checkout.

how to create a feetfinder profile

Step 5: Fill Out Your Profile

After you have activated your FeetFinder membership, it’s time to fill out your profile. 

It’s important to put a lot of thought into your FeetFinder profile. This is what people who buy feet pics first see. Think of it as your storefront. 

Many feet pic buyers want to know a little bit about you and the kind of feet content they can expect you to create. When creating your profile, you can add as much or as little information as you’d like. 

A lot of women selling feet pictures like to include their shoe size, hobbies, and flirty messages encouraging buyers to message them. You can do this in your FeetFinder bio or in the profile fields provided. 

While setting up your profile, you can choose which feet content categories you’d like to be associated with. Some of these categories include toe nails, sandals, pretty, glamorous, dirty feet, and more. 

Choosing popular feet categories will help put your profile in front of the right people buying feet pics that you create.

You also have the option to link to your other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. This is a great way to show the type of feet photos and videos you make and promote yourself to someone that buys feet pics.

Lastly, you’ll upload a profile picture. If you’re selling feet pictures without showing your face so nobody finds out who you are, then make sure to set an attractive and intriguing photo of your feet.

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, you can start to upload content to albums!

how to create a feetfinder profile
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Why FeetFinder is the Perfect Platform to Sell Feet Pics

While there are many websites you can sell feet pics, FeetFinder, in my opinion, is the easiest and most reliable

It’s simple to use and there’s a professional team behind it attracting feet pic buyers and keeping you safe. 

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FeetFinder is Legal

Many women question whether selling feet pics is legal or not. When you sell feet pics on FeetFinder, it is 100% legal!

The platform verifies that you are of legal age, which is one of the biggest issues online right now. 

Secondly, FeetFinder reports your earnings to the IRS each year. So, you can pay the necessary taxes and write off expenses from your side hustle – just as you’re supposed to. 

FeetFinder is a legit website that abides by federal and local laws. They have a whole team operating the platform to ensure it’s compliant. 

FeetFinder is Extremely Safe

Before women start to sell feet photos, they question if selling feet pics is safe. When you take precautions and create a FeetFinder profile, it can be extremely safe. 

One of the most significant things that makes FeetFinder safe is the dedicated team behind the platform. They prevent bots and inappropriate buyers from interacting on the platform. In fact, they will delete buyer profiles if they sense there is foul play. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams to avoid when selling feet pics. When you sign up for FeetFinder, you won’t have to worry about falling for these scams as long as you stay on the platform and off social media. 

Since buyers pay you directly through FeetFinder, you don’t have to worry about not getting paid for your content. Plus, there is no fight over who is handing over the money or photos first. 

Become Part of a Community

As a FeetFinder seller earning passive income, you’ll become part of a large community. You can connect with other women who are taking control of their finances and feeling more confident than ever selling feet pics online. 

You may be surprised at just how supportive women in this community are. 

Just take me and this blog! I want to help you as much as possible to step into financial freedom by selling feet pics and making money. 

With the FeetFinder referral program, you can build your own community – just like me! 

Create a FeetFinder Profile and Start Earning

Now that you know how to create a FeetFinder profile, are you ready to take the leap and begin earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month selling feet pics?

After reading through FeetFinder reviews, you’ll see that the platform is reliable, easy to use, and safe. It’s my personal favorite website to sell and post feet photos, so you can take my word for it. 

You can start your feet pic selling journey today by signing up with my FeetFinder referral code and become part of my community. 

Still wondering how to make money selling feet pics with FeetFinder? 

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